About Brightoniana

Brightoniana is a website dedicated to nuggets and stories related to the past, present and future of Brighton (and Hove). The hidden history particularly fascinates up, as do things that might have happened or been if events had turned out differently.

Brightoniana is a labour of love written and produced by John Keenan and Dan Wilson. Our initial idea was to focus solely on…

Brighton and Hove as it might have been

The dreams unrealised and the plans that failed, for good or ill. Or things that have been lost or forgotten. This is where we look at what Brighton could have become. You can find the action here.

Eminent Brightonians (Coming soon.)

Pen portraits of the greats.


Nothing to do with the loaves. This part of Brightoniana is dedicated to everything Hove (and yes, Portslade too, why not). It’s Hove history, Hovistory.

How far do you rove in your definition of Brightoniana?

With our section on Sussex Churches, we go countywide but otherwise we’ll look at anything with a Brighton and Hove link. However tenuous.

I have something I’d like you to write about!

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