The mystery LB&SCR railway stone on New England Hill, Brighton

Have you ever seen this stone? If you are a train and railway expert with a keen eye on Brighton ephemera, then maybe you have and we are asking for your expertise.

 It’s a stone that you will find in the central reservation of the barrier at the west end of the railway bridge at the junction where New England Hill and the Old Shoreham Road meet. If we quibble, it’s on New England Hill. 

Any foolish but keen snapper must dash across the road, avoid the vehicles, inhale the traffic fumes, dodge the pigeons and brave the guano to get up close.

It obviously has a railway connection. The LB&SC (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway) inscription is our clue there. But what does HL mean and what is this marker for? Answers on a naughty postcard please.

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