Walk the Portslade History Trail

Tucked away in Brighton and Hove is the old village of Portslade and it is well worth a visit and a focus of your visit could be (before you go to any of the pubs) a little walk through the history of Portslade. They have two Portslade History Trails – one for adults and one for children. It’s a multi-media experience and you can find out all about it here.

Take the Portslade Old Village History Train

They say that the Portslade adult history trail was created and realised by¬† a volunteer¬† group of Portslade residents. The idea of the trail is to offer a brief introduction into the fascinating¬† 1000 year history of Portslade Old Village. The trail focus on the Old Village conservation area and has a useful video on YouTube. (Don’t forget that you can easily get to Portslade village on the bus from central Brighton and Hove.)

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