2nd May 1999: Alex Ferguson sends letter of support to the Seagulls.

Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson lent his weight to the Bring Home the Albion campaign.

The premiership manager penned a two-page letter of support to Seagulls fans saying the exiled club’s future would be in jeopardy if it did not return to its Sussex roots. 

His letter was presented in support of Albion’s bid to play at Withdean Stadium instead of playing “home” games at Gillingham in Kent. 

Sir Alex wrote: “It must be really hard to retain a civic pride and identity when your team plays its home games 75 miles away. Football isn’t only about the premiership and the big clubs. It is also about grass roots and those who aren’t quite so fortunate. In Brighton’s case they will only flourish again in their own surroundings. The sooner they make their way back to the south coast the better.”

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