Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest at the Dome in Brighton on 6th April 1974

My my, in what is surely one of the finest nights ever known at the Dome in Brighton, on April 6th 1974 a largely unknown Swedish foursome called Abba, swept to Eurovision victory with the song Waterloo. Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida brought along the conductor Sven-Olof Walldoff dressed as Napoleon.

That the greatest moment in Eurovision Song Contest history was held in Brighton at all was surprising because Luxembourg had won the competition the year before for the second time on the trot (1972 and 1973).

Luxembourg didn’t want the expense of hosting the event for the second time running so when the BBC agreed to fund the event the Dome was chosen as the venue. You can find a lovely array images of Abba in Brighton here on the RTE website.

That fantastic night is commemorated at the Dome with a blue plaque that was unveiled in 2017 as part of BBC music day. The boys from Abba sent a message of thanks:

And for real Eurovision nerds (maybe you were there?), you can watch the full performance complete with voting and two outings of Waterloo from Abba in this video:

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