Sussex Churches: St Michael’s, Offham, East Sussex

The charming church at Offham* looked particularly dreamy in the honey sunlight of a late summer day. And situated on a hummock in the Ouse valley north of Lewes, the site also offers some beautiful views. 

Although no mention of the church can be found in the Domesday book, the first record of a stone church comes from 1080 and there is a strong likelihood that a religious structure existed there before that. Apparently built by a wealthy saxon who prospered under the normans, some of the features of the original 11th century building do remain. Sadly, the church was locked on the day of my visit. Most of the church we see today is from the 13th century.

(*Even though I lived in Lewes, and went to school there, I am never quite sure whether it should be pronounced oaf-am or off-am. )

One thought on “Sussex Churches: St Michael’s, Offham, East Sussex

  • April 17, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    I also lived in Lewes and went to school there. It was always known as “oaf-am” as far as I was aware.


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