Brightoniana Book Review: Brighton The Graphic Novel

Brighton: The Graphic Novel

Living in Brighton and Hove often feels like walking through a real-life comic book, so it is apt that the area’s history should be.

The Prince Regent and his drunken pals taking pot shots at the chandeliers in the Royal Pavilion; knife gangs stalking gamblers at the race track; mods and rockers chucking deck chairs at each other on the sea-front; the bomb at the Grand; and the burning of the West Pier – graphic is the word for the city’s shenanigans.

In this collaborative anthology, Maria Parra’s monochrome panels and Tim Pilcher’s script evoke a wartime air-raid. Glen Stevens, Emilie Majarian and Collette Tarbuck collaborate on ‘Brighton’s Angel’s’, a playful parody of the American TV cop drama – with drag queens taking the place of the pulchritudinous Hollywood A-listers. In ‘The Arsonist’, by Jonathan Stearn and Paul Stapleton, an amateur sleuth goes in seach of the mysterious source of the West Pier fire. Naturally, in ends in tears.

Not all of the narratives work and there are a number of duds. But overall, this adds up to an entertaining and evocative collection.

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